SMART HARBOR COMPETITION – Concorso di idee per la riqualificazione del porto di Pesaro

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Pesaro beach and promenade are divided into two parts by the presence of the harbor canal and the Foglia river. The wedge formed by the two water areas hosts small harbor facilities, many of them dismantled or poor in aesthetic quality, generating a sense of urban decay between the two residential sides of the area.
The goal of the project is to create a new urban link between the western and eastern beach and promenade promoting a complete restoration of harbor areas using two main concepts: create a visible bridge (The Adriatic Bridge) aiming to become a renown landmark, and create a marine music park (The Rossini’s Concert Hall) to revitalize the harbor honoring the memory of Gioacchino Rossini composer born in Pesaro in 1792.

The Adriatic Bridge

A bridge, a link, is a way to extend the limits, to overcome the differences and the occasion to exchange different cultures and different habits, to explore new land and to discover unknown points of view of what we live day by day.
The sinusoid structure of the new Adriatic Bridge creates alternate volumes including multiple functions (Music studios, classrooms, exhibitions, apartments for passing by musicians, port Authority offices, suite for owners, restaurant and commercial spaces) dedicated to the main goal of the project: Convert a shipbuilding harbour into a cultural marina music park. this is the
This curvy structure sustains the great pedestrian and cycle way. The Bridge connects the two promenade and the two beaches of Pesaro and add a sustainable access to the tip of the harbor, very useful in the future projects of port expansion. The infrastructure is important also as a national focus for sustainable mobility, completing a part of the Adriatic Cycleway BI-6 linking Santa Maria di Leuca with Ravenna.

The Rossini’s Concert Hall

A soft gentle slab rising from the docks creates a pure space including commercial services and parking together with a compact rectangular volume venue of a music and conference hall able to host multipurpose events and dedicated to world famous music composer Gioacchino Rossini. The structure consists of a main concert hall which is flanked by commercial space and underground parking. The Rossini’s Concert Hall has a roof garden making possible to mend visually (from Viale Trieste) the port to the natural park of Monte San Bartolo.


Arch. Mario Cenci
Ing. Giuseppe Magliano
Ing. Edoardo Marchetti
Arch. Gaetano Principale

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