Our Services

CM2 TEAM firmly believe in integrated design of Architecture and Engineering. Our vision is to be a unique interface to any kind of client in order to ease the process of planning for saving overall costs.

CM2 TEAM is made of professionals coming from different experiences able to offer a complete service of engineering, architecture and management to:

  • Private Clients
  • Public Administrations
  • Companies
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Shops & Retail

Our services are focused on Architectural, Structural and Technological planning leading the Client from the concept to the finished work. Costruction Management and Safety Engineering, Fire Engineering and Interior Design of Residential, Restaurants, Shops, Hotels, Events, Exhibitions, Offices.

CM2TEAM offre servizi di Progettazione Architettonica, Strutturale e Impiantistica seguendo il Cliente dall’idea-progetto alla realizzazione occupandosi della Direzione Lavori, della Sicurezza in cantiere e in ambito di Prevenzione Incendi;

Technical support to Private Clients, Companies and Real Estate Agencies through Feasability Studies in order to analyze and plan actions to give more value to property assets and to plan Facility & Building Management.

Design of Stores and Shops starting from the Clients needs focused on the desired marketing, with a strong overlook at budget and timeline;

General Contractor for Franchises Companies. Business plans, concepts.

Advisors for Project Financing plans through preparatory work of private investments or partnership with public sector to analyze opportunities and risks.

Judicial technical advising for private clients and companies.


  1. Strategy:
    Starting point is always a Feasibility Study based on economic budget and Client targets.
  2. Design:
    Planning by objectives and detailed designs step by step to reach maximum accuracy for construction times, costs, resources, quality, safety.
  3. Achievement:
    Construction yard management, construction companies overview and supplies quality controls in order to reduce risks and unforeseen events.


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