Villa Lungomonte is a magical place, a private residence and unique architectural heritage of the nineteenth century located a few km from the center of Pisa.

CM2TEAM deals with the management of the facilities of this building and we are proud to be part of its history.

One of the main work we made it’s the planning of the new heating/cooling system of the Villa that we totally renovated combining the needs of comfort, sustainability and energy skills of today with the protection of the historic value of the property.

The historical and artistic value of the building, protected by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, has led us to a sober approach to a design that, by its nature, is among the most invasive for a building: total remake of conditioning systems.

Each design choice was preceded by study and analysis of the walls with appropriate stratigraphic tests, made to detect the presence of decorative apparatus in the areas to be allocated to accommodation to new pipes.

The design was, however, driven by the “concept of removability” that is the best way to allow system easy to remove in the inevitable moment in which it will be passed.
At the same time, all possible visual solutions of mitigation to shield external units (generators) have been made.

The new system consists of two outer heat pumps able to ensure both the winter climate comfort that the summer cooling when necessary. The plant, in addition to restoring the home livable throughout the year, will result in significant saving energy.

The project consists of 1 external unit AJ * A90LALH Fujitsu and internal Fujitsu units with different power, depending on the location.
The outdoor units were “hidden” by planting laurel hedges.

The main line consists in 4 for gas pipes type R410a and an electric, buried where possible and housed in a copper riser tube similar to a downspout. This solution has avoided the need to have a minimum demolition on the wall.

Inside the rooms, the pipes have been positioned in the lower part of the wall and protected by a solid wood skirting board that also works as a support base of the internal split so as to have avoided any hole for the wall holder.

Some data:

New type of heat generator: HEAT PUMP
Rated power of the replaced thermal generator [kW]: 55.8
Estimated energy savings [kWh]: 27050
Expected cost savings: 1300 € / year
Payback time: 9 years

Luxury Villa in Tuscany




June 24, 2016




Refurbishment, heating/cooling system



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Refurbishment, heating/cooling system


Refurbishment, heating/cooling system

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